What is a city? How about a ‘smart’ city? What roles can technology and tech-enabled solutions play in advancing inclusivity, rather than diminish it? And input from the community — does it really matter? This section centralizes contributions of CityInclusive and other young (or young at heart) emerging voices in the smart city space. The perspectives are Canadian-focused but draw on ideas and knowledge from around the world.


Seven Observations on Smart Cities Challenge Applications
The Smart Cities Challenge office recently released information on the Challenge participants and snippets from their applications. The CityInclusive team… Read more.
Where the Light Shines: Smart Street Lighting
Should the street lights be turned on at night? The question might sound trivial, or seem to have a straightforward… Read more.
CityInclusive in Ottawa: Partnership Building
CityInclusive just concluded a trip to Ottawa where we met with key stakeholders of the Smart Cities Challenge. On Monday,… Read more.
We will Build It – Future of Cities Forum in Ottawa
CityInclusive team attended Future of Cities Forum that was held on Feb 23-24, 2018 in Ottawa, organized by Impact Hub… Read more.
Marginalized Voices in an Inclusive City
Historically marginalized communities must be involved in shaping the ‘smartness’ of cities. Read more.
Encourage Mid-sized Cities to be Smart!
Prioritize local, community-driven and financially feasible projects, and financially incentivize risk-averse mid-sized municipalities. Read more.