Marginalized Voices in an Inclusive City

Historically marginalized communities must be involved in shaping the ‘smartness’ of cities.

At CityInclusive we believe all members of the community, especially its historically marginalized and ignored individuals, must be involved in shaping the future and ‘smartness’ of cities. This sentiment is increasingly recognized by city builders across Canada. “My grandmother did what Black women have historically done within the margins: she used what was available to create a place for herself and those around her. From plantations to refugee camps, Black women have taken on a disproportionately large community-building role.” – Jay Pitter The popular lifestyle magazine, Flare, recently profiled six extraordinary women of color intimately involved in building better Canadian communities. They are architects, urban planners, and real-estate developers. Their voices – and those of individuals like them from your community – are the ones communities ought to have around the table as they develop their Smart City Challenge applications. In the coming weeks, expect more reflections, analysis and tips on our platform as we engage with communities from coast to coast – from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are working on an interesting community development project in relation to the Smart City Challenge. We would love to feature your work!