Global Students Envision Global Cities

What do 200 high school students and the CityInclusive team have in common?

When it comes to the exceptional group of international learners at Pearson United World College (UWC), the answer is twofold: a shared desire to work, learn and live with peers (fun fact and no joke: the CityInclusive team lives under the same roof); and a desire for a more inclusive, just and sustainable world. A world Lester B. Pearson, a great Canadian and Nobel Peace prize winner, himself worked to create.

During our visit to Pearson-UWC in March, 2018, our team facilitated a future-cities-visioning conversation and activity with 15 Pearson students. The conversation focused on our individual and collective experiences of living in cities, from Singapore to Amman; critical engagement with technology in urban planning and city-building; and how we want our cities to look and feel in the future.

To facilitate our future-cities-visioning activity, we utilized  IMPACT: A Foresight Game, developed in Canada. We were first introduced to the game and its visioning potential at the Future Cities Forum in Ottawa. It called upon both our imaginations and our critical thinking skills, and was a fantastic tool to add to our workshop facilitation toolbelt.

The students’ engagement with IMPACT was no different from our own. Ideas were generated, critiques made, and laughs had.

We left the West Coast feeling that if UWC students were in charge of cities of the future, we would all be in good hands.