Our Vision

Smart, inclusive and interconnected Canadian cities that thrive from engaged citizens who are active producers and contributors to the design and function of their community.


Our Approach

Since its founding in January 2018, the goal of CityInclusive is to assess and consult on community engagement strategies in Canadian cities through a lens of inclusion. We believe the ongoing Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge is an opportunity for cities to make themselves more desirable, inclusive and livable. It is also a great opportunity to mobilize youth engagement in municipal and local decision-making. We document, analyze, and highlight the works of Canadian cities as they go through the process of developing applications for the Challenge. We also have a successful track record of facilitating future-cities-visioning simulations.

Meet the Team

CityInclusive is a group of young social justice-minded millennials from across the world, based in Montreal, who share a common interest in social inclusion and public leadership for culturally diverse societies.

Foreign policy professional from Serbia

Academic and social justice advocate from Ethiopia

Community developer and educator from Canada

Policy analyst from Albania

Policy analyst and civil society leader from Turkey



CityInclusive team is affiliated with Concordia University Institute for Urban Futures as Urban Futurists in Residence.